Angela Leet Statement on Explorer Program Investigation Release

Councilwoman Angela Leet spoke out on the release of the Explorer Program investigation:

"Never has it been more apparent that Fischer's failed leadership is detrimental for our community,” said Councilwoman Leet.

"As a mom of teenage boys, I am appalled by the details in this report. What I question most is how the Fischer Administration could close a case of child sexual abuse without fully investigating the disturbing allegations and holding the officers who perpetrated them accountable.

"Since Fischer took office, homicides have doubled. Yet, Fischer has continued to stand by Chief Conrad. We've seen drug overdose deaths triple as gangs and drugs leave no corner of our community untouched. Still, Fischer continues to stand by Conrad. When children came forward to report sexual abuse by LMPD officers, the Fischer Administration 'forgot' about ever being informed about the allegations. Fischer claims he was never even told or briefed by Conrad. Even after this, Fischer continues to stand by his police chief.

"Our community should be alarmed that after allegations surfaced, no one in the Fischer Administration took any action to ensure a safe environment for other minors in the Explorer Program, nor did they seek further information or investigation. No one in the Fischer Administration reported the allegations to Child Protective Services or the County Attorney's Office.

“Fischer failed to lead in the Dan Johnson sexual harassment case because he claimed 'no direct knowledge.' His failure to even be aware of the Explorer allegations is a dereliction of duty.

"Fischer expresses anger over this massive failure by his administration. But, where is the accountability?

"Homicides, shootings, sexual harassment, and now alleged child sexual abuse – how many more victims will Fischer allow on his watch?"

As news reports of the Explorer Program scandal surfaced, Councilwoman Leet worked to pass a bi-partisan, common sense ordinance requiring agencies who are responsible for investigating child abuse to report child abuse allegations to an outside agency for investigation upon receiving allegations of child abuse committed within their own agencies. Councilwoman Leet also led the charge in developing a policy for addressing sexual harassment within City Hall (a policy that did not exist when former Metro Councilman Dan Johnson was accused of sexual harassment and eventually removed from office).