River City FOP Endorses Angela Leet for Louisville Mayor

Last night, the River City FOP voted to endorse Councilwoman Angela Leet for Louisville mayor. The River City FOP represents hundreds of police officers and is Louisville's largest FOP lodge. This is the fifth FOP endorsement Councilwoman Leet has earned in the Louisville mayoral race.

"Mayor Fischer has not done enough to address many of the critical concerns of our police department and its ability to effectively address our community's public safety issues," said River City FOP President Nicolai Jilek. "Our members feel strongly that Angela Leet understands our concerns as law enforcement professionals and has the leadership and vision we need to tackle those issue for the good of the community."

“Public safety is my top priority and I appreciate the hard work of LMPD and the sacrifice of our officers who put themselves in harm’s way to protect our community,” said Councilwoman Angela Leet. “I look forward to working with the FOP as mayor, and ensuring we secure a police chief who gives them the respect and support they deserve.”

Angela Leet Statement on Fischer Playing Partisan Politics

Last week, Louisville Metro Council President David James divulged that when Metro Council Democrats expressed concern to Mayor Fischer about LMPD Lt. Jimmy Harper's demotion, Fischer accused those members of "helping the Republicans." This revelation comes after Mayor Fischer attacked Councilwoman Angela Leet for raising concerns about the Explorer Program sex abuse case in her attempt to hold the mayor accountable for inconsistencies in his testimonies. On Fischer's latest act of petty, personal politics, Leet released the following statement:

"City employees wanting to do what's right by bringing concerns to the Mayor's Office should be welcomed to do so without fear of demotion or losing their jobs. The mayor has a responsibility to address those concerns in an open, honest, and direct manner. Instead, Fischer is attacking brave victims and whistleblowers who work for our community everyday. His lack of leadership and lack of timely action has resulted in lawsuits for government mismanagement, sexual assault and rape, negligence, and other whistleblower suits that are costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

"I will be a mayor for everyone, without regard to party, unlike the current mayor who has made his priorities perfectly clear."

Fischer Administration Lied Under Oath

Mayoral candidate Councilwoman Angela Leet held a press conference to highlight inconsistencies within the sworn testimonies of Mayor Fischer, Deputy Mayor Hesen, and Police Chief Conrad. Leet also called for an independent review of all Public Integrity Unit cases involving allegations of police sexual misconduct that were closed during the Fischer Administration.

"Sworn testimonies by Fischer, Hesen, and Conrad contradicted one other. So, who are we supposed to believe? The Mayor or Deputy Mayor or Police Chief? Who lied under oath? They’ve also contradicted themselves. Are we supposed to trust Fischer in his deposition or Fischer in the Harvey report?" asked Leet.

Leet provided a reference page of testimony inconsistencies and presented a chart that showed inconsistencies in the depositions of Fischer, Hesen, and Conrad:



Citing Conrad's premature closing of the Explorer investigation in 2014, Councilwoman Leet called for an audit of all cases involving allegations of police sexual misconduct during the Fischer Administration.

"If the police chief and mayor’s office were so negligent in these cases, hoping it would all blow over, can we trust that other allegations have been fully investigated, or have they also been swept under the rug?" asked Leet.

Angela Leet Statement on Crime Numbers

Today, mayoral candidate Councilwoman Angela Leet responded to the Fischer Administration’s dishonest claim that “crime is down.”

“This claim is absolutely disingenuous. During Fischer’s first year in office, there were 49 homicides in the county. Last year, there were 108 homicides in the county. This year, we are currently on track to double the number of homicides in Fischer’s first year. So seeing a tiny downtick in a few week’s time is not a victory when all Fischer has managed to do is set a new normal of more than a 100 homicides a year,” said Councilwoman Angela Leet.

“During the Fischer Administration, homicides have doubled, shootings have doubled, and drug overdose deaths have tripled. That is Fischer’s legacy.

“For the 10 years prior to Fischer taking office, U of L Hospital admitted an average of 166 gunshot victims per year. During the Fischer Administration, U of L Hospital has seen an average of over 200 shooting victims, and that average is over 300 for the last 2 years. 1700 people have been admitted to University of Louisville Hospital for gunshot wounds since Fischer took office. That does not even include victims who were not admitted.

“Further, there is good reason that crime is down in the 1st Division. The state was spending $15 million annually incarcerating Beecher Terrace residents, and now most – if not all – of Beecher Terrace has been vacated. The residents of this former crime bed have simply been moved. So, while the 1st Division's homicide rate is down, we are seeing homicide in other divisions in the outer parts of the county where we used to see very little crime.

“I am disappointed that Fischer is manipulating numbers and denying the reality of drug and gang issues in our neighborhoods. Trying to spin a tale of ‘crime is down’ is just an attempt to hide his failed record.”

Angela Leet Statement on Explorer Program Investigation Release

Councilwoman Angela Leet spoke out on the release of the Explorer Program investigation:

"Never has it been more apparent that Fischer's failed leadership is detrimental for our community,” said Councilwoman Leet.

"As a mom of teenage boys, I am appalled by the details in this report. What I question most is how the Fischer Administration could close a case of child sexual abuse without fully investigating the disturbing allegations and holding the officers who perpetrated them accountable.

"Since Fischer took office, homicides have doubled. Yet, Fischer has continued to stand by Chief Conrad. We've seen drug overdose deaths triple as gangs and drugs leave no corner of our community untouched. Still, Fischer continues to stand by Conrad. When children came forward to report sexual abuse by LMPD officers, the Fischer Administration 'forgot' about ever being informed about the allegations. Fischer claims he was never even told or briefed by Conrad. Even after this, Fischer continues to stand by his police chief.

"Our community should be alarmed that after allegations surfaced, no one in the Fischer Administration took any action to ensure a safe environment for other minors in the Explorer Program, nor did they seek further information or investigation. No one in the Fischer Administration reported the allegations to Child Protective Services or the County Attorney's Office.

“Fischer failed to lead in the Dan Johnson sexual harassment case because he claimed 'no direct knowledge.' His failure to even be aware of the Explorer allegations is a dereliction of duty.

"Fischer expresses anger over this massive failure by his administration. But, where is the accountability?

"Homicides, shootings, sexual harassment, and now alleged child sexual abuse – how many more victims will Fischer allow on his watch?"

As news reports of the Explorer Program scandal surfaced, Councilwoman Leet worked to pass a bi-partisan, common sense ordinance requiring agencies who are responsible for investigating child abuse to report child abuse allegations to an outside agency for investigation upon receiving allegations of child abuse committed within their own agencies. Councilwoman Leet also led the charge in developing a policy for addressing sexual harassment within City Hall (a policy that did not exist when former Metro Councilman Dan Johnson was accused of sexual harassment and eventually removed from office).

Angela Leet Statement on Transparency

Councilwoman Angela Leet held a press conference outlining Greg Fischer's pattern of secrecy and lack of transparency, and made her own pledge for a transparent mayoral administration.

"Fischer’s words on transparency and accountability don’t match his actions," said Councilwoman Angela Leet. "We are seeing less and less transparency the longer he’s in office and enough is enough.

"I can pledge to you today that as mayor, I will not withhold information from the public, I will not violate transparency laws, I will not allow secret committees to meet under the cover of darkness, and I will not allow backroom deals and secret government spending.

"The public has a right to know what is happening in their government and with their money. So, what is Fischer hiding?"

Councilwoman Leet went on to outline some of the pieces in Fischer’s pattern of secrecy:

Explorer Program Child Rape Investigation

• Heavily redacted information from the invoices that didn’t need to be redacted
• Ballooned the spending without informing Louisville Metro Council or the public – tripling the bill to taxpayers
• During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that their was a failure to    disclose the previous working relationship between investigator Kerry Harvey and Deputy Mayor Ellen Hesen

Amazon Incentives

• Fischer refuses to say what his administration offered Amazon to locate here
• Taxpayers have a right to know how much of our money Fischer was willing to give Amazon in tax breaks and incentives. He’s playing Monopoly with our money and we deserve a seat at the table
• Other cities have released their incentive packages in order to be transparent – such as Atlanta – but Fischer won’t

Secret Committees on Development Projects

• Secret committees are determining development projects such as the indoor track and field stadium in West Louisville and the Urban Government Center
• Earlier this year, the Attorney General ruled that Fischer broke transparency laws because we don’t know who is on the committees and they are meeting in secret even though they are required by law to hold public meetings    
• In some cases, these secret groups decided on development that goes against what the residents want or what makes the most sense

$400,000 on Derby Guests since 2015

• Taxpayers are footing the bill for his guests and we don’t know if they are friends, family or his campaign donors  
• Where is the proof that we are getting anything for our money? Fischer needs to name the names of companies who have located here because of taxpayers spending $400,000 on Derby tickets, fancy hotels, and gifts.

Angela Leet Calls on Fischer to Return Dirty Donations

Louisville, KY - Today, Councilwoman Angela Leet called on Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer to return donations from Tim Longmeyer and James Sullivan. Sullivan was convicted yesterday on federal bribery charges, a case in which Longmeyer has already been convicted and is serving time in federal prison. According to the KY Registry of Election Finance, both Longmeyer and Sullivan are donors to Greg Fischer.

"Fischer has accepted money from people who have bribed elected officials, accepted illegal campaign contributions, and used their positions to get kickbacks, all at the taxpayer's expense. Unless he condones this type of behavior, Fischer should immediately return the dirty money from Tim Longmeyer and James Sullivan that helped him get elected," said Councilwoman Angela Leet. "Each day that he sits on the sidelines, he is endorsing this type of illegal, unethical behavior."

Longmeyer admitted to accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from a consulting firm in exchange for awarding state contracts to the firm. The Kentucky Executive Branch Ethics Commission found him guilty of 45 violations of state government's code of ethics. He was sentenced to nearly 6 years in prison in the federal bribery case. Sullivan, a Democrat lobbyist, will be sentenced on Sept 6 and faces up to 10 years in prison. Fischer has accepted campaign contributions from both Longmeyer and Sullivan.

ICYMI: Fischer's Terrible Week

When leadership fails at setting priorities, things clog up and it all flows downhill...or onto the police chief's desk as it did earlier this week when sewage backed up at the crumbling LMPD headquarters, flooding Chief Conrad's office (Courier Journal, 6/11/18, Phillip Bailey).

Metro Council has called on Fischer to prioritize replacing the unsafe police headquarters (Courier Journal). However, Fischer said it wasn't important enough and, "when it rises to the top, we'll fund that" (Courier Journal). The raw sewage that ensued was only part of Fischer's terrible week:

Four homicides in 4 days
Four people lost their lives to violence between June 5 and June 8 while Fischer was busy claiming "crime is down."

  • Homicide investigation underway in south Louisville (WDRB, 6/5/18)
  • Louisville police investigating overnight homicide in Park Hill (Courier Journal, Thomas Novelly, 6/6/18)
  • Louisville police investigate fatal shooting in Iroquois (Courier Journal, 6/7/18)
  • Police are investigating the fatal shooting in Pleasure Ridge Park (Courier Journal, Darcy Costello, 6/8/18)

Fischer refuses to show transparency on $109K in Derby spending
Fischer hemorrhaged taxpayer dollars on Derby tickets, gifts, and Omni hotel rooms but refuses to disclose the guests who benefited from his $109,000 bill and his over $300,000 Derby spending since 2015. We don't know if these people are benefiting from city government, campaign donors, or even personal friends.

"Those who spoke with the Courier Journal, including the Metro Council president, said the lack of transparency is troubling and that Fischer's guest list should be disclosed much like council members are required to do when using public funds for events." (Courier Journal, 6/13/18, Phillip Bailey)

"Fischer’s invite-only Derby weekend extravaganza cost taxpayers about $109,000 this year, according to city records obtained by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting through an open records request. But the mayor’s office keeps the guest list secret, and has consistently refused to provide any details about who his guests are or what they do.

"City officials have spent a total of $390,000 on Fischer’s private Derby events since 2015, records show." (WFPL, 6/12/18, Jacob Ryan)

Fischer's Department of Metro Corrections in shambles
State inspectors found over a dozen areas of noncompliance with state standards including chronic overcrowding and pervasive sanitation issues.

"The records detail over a dozen items of noncompliance, including:

  • Repeated overcrowding issues in all three of the jails operated by the LMDC, specifically units housing low-level offenders and work-release inmates.
  • Multiple instances of a lack of running water, deficient plumbing or other hygiene-related failings in multiple housing units across all facilities.
  • An inspection of a “shower area” in the Hall of Justice jail on June 9, 2015, which found that humid conditions created “issues with mold.”
  • A gnat infestation in cells in the main jail facility, according to a May 23, 2017 inspection.
  • Inmates using newspaper to block lighting fixtures or vents in order to regulate light and temperature in their cells." (Insider Louisville, 6/12/18, Jonathan Meador)

Public housing complex Infested with bed bugs
Over the last 2 and a half years, over 340 units in the Dosker Manor Public Housing Complex have called to report a bed bug infestation. Their pleas for help have been ignored by the Fischer administration.


"Each night, before Malone climbs into the bed in her tenth-floor apartment, she sprays it down with 91 percent rubbing alcohol and hopes it will keep the bugs away. She laughs when asked if the housing authority takes care of her and her neighbors."

"'You better take care of yourself,' she said. 'That’s the only thing I can say.'" (KyCIR, 6/12/18, Jacob Ryan)

Fischer ignores abandoned cars littering our road
Despite knowing abandoned cars and a full impound were growing problems, Fischer never prioritized them and now taxpayers have to spend millions on a new impound lot.

"Louisville is seeing a surge in complaints about vehicles abandoned on residential streets ever since the city's 13-acre police impoundment lot hit capacity (and then some)."(Courier Journal, 6/7/18, Phillip Bailey)

Leet Becomes Louisville's First Female Nominee for Mayor

After Tuesday's decisive victory, Councilwoman Angela Leet is the first female nominee for Louisville mayor in Louisville's history.

"I plan to bring a unique perspective to the mayor's office as a wife and mother," said Councilwoman Angela Leet. "As an engineer, I've spent my working life in a field made up predominantly of men. It sometimes meant I had to work harder to prove myself, but made success that much more meaningful. I plan to work just as hard to earn the votes of my community."

Angela Leet is a Louisville native, wife of an Air Force veteran, mother of 2 teenage boys, and current Metro Councilwoman. She has served on numerous Louisville non-profit boards including Habitat for Humanity, Fund for the Arts, Spalding University, and the WaterStep Advisory Committee. In 1991, she earned her Bachelor of Science from the J.B. Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville and then went on to earn Master of Civil Engineering and Master of Business Administration degrees. Leet trained as an industrial firefighter at Texas A&M and was previously certified as an Emergency Medical Technician in Texas.