As Mayor, Angela Leet's Administration will prioritize delivering excellent government services. She will intentionally focus on what government must be great at providing - public safety, drug addiction recovery, education, infrastructure, and economic opportunity for every single Louisvillian. 


In the last 7 years, Louisville’s homicide rate has increased by nearly 250%.  Every life lost is a tragedy. As Mayor, Angela Leet will lead on:

  • Filling the hundreds of vacancies in the Departments under Public Safety including police, fire, youth detention, emergency medical services and others
  • Focused policing on gangs and violent criminals
  • Focused restorative practices for at-risk youth 
  • Removing barriers and creating incentives for private citizens to acquire and rehabilitate blighted properties
  • Securing private investment in all areas of our city with a focus on economically depressed neighborhoods 
  • Increased lighting in crime hotspots


Over the past 4 years, Louisville’s overdose rate has doubled.  A family in our community loses a loved one to a drug overdose each day. As Mayor, Angela Leet will lead on:

  • Increasing the availability and affordability of addiction services
  • An intentional focus on prevention and education to stop the problem before it starts
  • Assessing the effectiveness of current drug prevention and treatment efforts
  • Reducing the number of incarcerated addicts and shifting those resources to addiction services
  • A greater partnership between the Mayor’s Office, JCPS and LMPD to identify at-risk youth to provide them with greater access to prevention education and mental health services in schools
  • Greater funding for alternative pre-arrest diversion programs such as The Living Room and expansion of the Jeffersontown Angel Program throughout Jefferson County


Although there is no ‘silver bullet’ to fixing the issues plaguing JCPS, Councilwoman Leet supports taking the following steps to improving education in our community:

  • Moving to an elementary neighborhood schools model to allow for more parental involvement and lowering our transportation costs to free up more funding at the classroom level
  • Reducing administrative costs to move more of those resources to the classroom
  • Working with the JCPS School Board to approve charter schools
  • Improve classroom conditions for teachers

Take a drive through Louisville, you’ll notice crumbling roads and sidewalks. Vacant and abandoned buildings plague the city’s economically depressed areas. And, there’s not a neighborhood in Louisville untouched by graffiti and litter. As Mayor, I will clean Louisville up all year – not just at Derby time.
— Councilwoman Angela Leet

INfrastructure and Economy

Over the last several years, we’ve largely seen new opportunities for economic growth pass us by. We saw it with opportunities like the failed Walmart, the failed Food Port, and not even making the top 20 for the new Amazon HQ. We must be more than a tourist town we must become a hometown. 

While Louisville remains stagnant, neighboring cities like Indianapolis and Nashville, who were once considered our peers, are now far ahead of us. Our peer cities have become places like Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In order to attract businesses, and keep those already here, Councilwoman Leet believes we need to lead on the challenges preventing growth:

  • True tax reform and generation of new revenue through growth of new industries
  • Take pride in our people and prioritize workforce training programs so that we have skilled workforce to meet needs of employers
  • Secure more direct air flights to and from Standiford Field
  • Work to turn U of L into a top-tier university for research and education
  • Reduce taxes and fees so that employees can have more take-home pay 
  • Close the education gap for all children in our community
  • Secure economic vitality in suburban areas outside of the Watterson Expressway as well as continuing to erase the 9th Street Divide